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Greensboro Transit Authority

Greensboro Transit Authority, Greensboro, NC
HEAT (Higher Education Area Transit)


The idea of a service oriented to college students was first raised in a study of GTA services by Dan Boyle in the year 2000.  Dan Boyle & Associates, Inc. worked closely with the City of Greensboro, GTA, and the seven colleges within GTA’s service area to establish HEAT, a university pass program.  To accomplish this, we established a steering committee made up of members of the City Council, high-level representatives from each college and university, NCDOT, and civic leaders in Greensboro and North Carolina to guide the process.  At the same time, DBA worked with a technical committee to identify options, gauge student reaction, and develop a recommended program.  DBA prepared routes and schedules for the new services, implemented in August 2006 after a lengthy period of consultation with all involved, and continues to monitor the program for GTA and to work with the university partners.

In August 2011, HEAT began its sixth year of operation.  A report on the first five years is available here.  The most recent school year has seen a ridership increase of 37 percent, due in part to new express routes to major retail locations.

TCRP Report 135: Controlling System Costs: Basics and Advanced Scheduling Manual and Contemporary Issues

Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) - Washington, DC
National Academy of Sciences
TCRP Report 135:  Controlling System Costs: Basic and
Advanced Scheduling Manual and Contemporary Issues


Dan Boyle & Associates, Inc. served as project manager and principal author for a new scheduling manual for use by beginning and advanced schedulers throughout the transit industry.  The manual addresses contemporary issues in transit scheduling, such as running times, recovery time, meal and rest breaks, optimization of transfers, use of clockface headways, through-routing and interlining, headway-interval scheduling, skip-stop and limited-stop operations, long-route operating assessment, part-time operators, alternate work-week structures, application of service standards, data integration, operator relief techniques, and computerized scheduling system implementation.  The manual includes a glossary that defines terminology and identifies alternate terms.  Appendices were published as TCRP Web-only Document 45, and is available, along with a downloadable version of the basic manual, at:

City of Glendale Beeline Line

City of Glendale – Glendale, CA
Beeline Line-by-Line Analysis


Dan Boyle & Associates, Inc. developed a series of recommendations to focus service where it is most needed that will result in an annual savings of over $200,000.  The package included service enhancements where needed, short-turns on the longest route in the system, and overall rationalization of service levels.  DBA developed fare proposals and additional service options in the event of a more severe budget shortfall.  We are working with City staff, the Transportation and Parking Committee, and the City Council to gain approval of the final proposal.

TCRP Synthesis Report 87: Practices in Development and Deployment of Downtown CirculatorsTransit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)
TCRP Synthesis Report 87: Practices in the
Development and Deployment of Downtown Circulators

Dan Boyle and Associates, Inc. conducted this TCRP synthesis to describe the development, deployment, and sustainability of downtown circulator systems.  A web-based survey of a cross-section of transit agencies in North America and detailed case studies were the primary sources in documenting the current state of the art.  Major findings address funding, route design, frequency, target markets, partnerships, and branding.  This synthesis will be used to aid public agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders in deciding how to proceed when service is being considered.

Current and Previous Clients (2005-2011)

ABQ Ride, Albuquerque, NM (subconsultant)
Antelope Valley Transit Authority, Lancaster, CA
Beach Cities Transit, Redondo Beach, CA
City of Dana Point, CA
City of Downey, CA (subconsultant)
City of Fairfield, CA (subconsultant)
City of La Mirada, CA
City of Irvine, CA
City of Lawrence/University of Kansas
City of Mission Viejo, CA (subconsultant)
City of San Clemente, CA
Fairfax County Department of Transportation, Fairfax, VA (subconsultant)
Florida Department of Transportation, Tallahassee, Fl (subconsultant)
Glendale Beeline, Glendale, CA
Greensboro Transit Authority, Greensboro, NC
Laguna Beach Transit, Laguna Beach, CA
LeeTran, Ft. Myers, FL (subconsultant)
Metro Dade Transit, Miami, FL (subconsultant)
Montebello Bus Lines, Montebello, CA
Monterey Park Spirit, Monterey Park, CA
MTA-New York City Transit, New York, NY (subconsultant)
Norwalk Transit System, Norwalk, CA
Orange County Transportation Authority, Orange, CA
Pasco County Public Transportation, New Port Richey, FL (subconsultant)
RGRTA, Rochester, NY
Rio Hondo Community College, Whittier, CA
Sarasota County Area Transit, Sarasota, FL (subconsultant)
Transit Cooperative Research Program, Washington, DC


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